Sushi is soy delicious and we've been craving some. Vote for the best sushi in Grand Junction so we can go enjoy the best of the best.

When we think of sushi we think of mouthwatering, perfectly wrapped in rice and seaweed, topped with something fried and dipped in something spicy and salty. (Soy sauce with a lot, like a lot of wasabi.)

If you throw some sake or some beer in there, now you've got a basically perfect night. You can obviously tell that we've been thinking about this scrumptionsness for a while now. We would just go get some but first, we need your help to roll out into some sushi rolls.

We took the top five sushi restaurants in Grand Junction (according to Yelp) and put the best rolls in a poll. We're determined to find out who's got the best sushi for ourselves -- with your help that is.

Vote for the best sushi in Grand Junction below and if you don't see your go-to sushi spot, just write it in. Share your sushi spot so I can devour something spicy and fried and wash it down with sake. And if you've never tried sushi before, we'll share the results from this poll so we can both enjoy it.

You have until the end of Sunday, October 13 to vote for the best sushi in Grand Junction. We're trying to eat as much of the best sushi as possible, ASAP. We'll give you some time to vote though. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday night, so vote now.

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