This is yet another one of Colorado's strangest laws. Snowball fights are illegal in this Colorado town, but that's about to change.

You would think that anywhere snow falls, snowball fights will happen there -- but not in this Colorado town. This small town in Weld County, Severance, isn't allowed to have snowball fights. They're illegal in Severance and it's just one of many strange laws here in Colorado.

The law has been in effect since Severance was founded in 1906. No one even knows why this law was put in place. Maybe it was to protect the cows, or maybe it was to suck the fun from the snow.

I'm not the only one who thinks this law is ridiculous and should be changed. This third grader at Range View Elementary, Dane Best, is speaking out about the lack of snowball fights in his life.

Dane made his first plea at the town board meeting on November 5. He's asked his classmates to speak up about the snowball fight law too. Dane will be back to explain why he thinks it should change at the town board meeting tonight.

Here's one word to explain why we should change this law and make snowball fights legal - fun.

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