A new feature on Snapchat lets users share their current location in real time. This location feature can put users, especially children, at risk. Here's how you can help.

Snapchat is an app that lets you use a bunch of crazy, cool filters. Although the app can be fun, a new feature could make children, or anyone, more vulnerable.

The new feature is called a "Snap Map" which lets users share locations on a map of the area. This feature is to find your friends on Snapchat. This poses a problem if you are friends with users you've never met before, people you forgot were on your friends' list, or just plain creepy, weirdos.

Children may be more vulnerable to adding strangers who may have ill intentions. They could be abusive, a stalker, a predator, they could be anything. You can get rid of this feature by going to your settings (looks like a wheel)  in Snapchat and selecting "Ghost Mode" (first thing that comes up in settings.) This will stop your location sharing and get rid of the "Snap Map." Sometimes sharing less, is safer for you.

Law enforcement agencies around Colorado are warning parents to monitor their child's activities on social media networks.

Source: K2 Radio

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