This museum is open on sundaes.

The pop-up Museum of Ice Cream is slated to open July 29 in New York City. Yes, a museum dedicated to ice cream. It's the best thing to happen to summer since air conditioning.

So, what can guests expect when they walk in?

Museum of Ice Cream interactive highlights include a swimmable rainbow ‘sprinkle’ pool, edible balloons, an immersive chocolate room and a collaborative massive ice cream sundae. Guests will swing on an ice cream sandwich made for two,seesaw on an ice cream scooper and find their match/favorite flavor on a custom app in Tinder Land. Visitors will indulge in an exclusive,one-of-a-kind ice cream tasting created by food futurist and overall rad scientist Dr. Irwin Adam, founder of Future Food Studio. Visual designs from renowned NYC artists will serve as the cherry on top of this modern, whimsical urban ice cream playground.

There will also be an exhibit, sponsored by Tinder, where you can find your ice cream flavor match and enjoy ice cream in a first date setting.

Like a double scoop cone of mint chocolate chip on a hot day, though, this exhibition won't last long -- it only runs until August 31.

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