Six grizzly bears that were rescued from California are now living the good life. The six rescued grizzly bears went from living in cages to living on 50 acres in Colorado.

Grizzly bears usually go into hibernation when it gets colder, but these poor six bears couldn't even do that where they lived in California. These grizzly bears were kept in small cages with concrete floors and weren't able to hibernate.

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Now the bears have made the move from California to Colorado and are living the good life. They all currently have their own temporary enclosure, with no concrete floors, that includes a place to hibernate. Don't worry -- they won't be in these cages forever.

The temporary enclosures that the bears are now in (which you can see here) are bigger than the ones where they spent years of their lives in California. The bears were placed in these enclosures to get used to their surroundings, according to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

These grizzlies are set to be released sometime next week after they have acclimated to their new pad. Even though the Wild Animal Sanctuary realizes that their 50-acre living space isn't the same as being in the wild, it's as close as they can get. The bears will have the freedom to roam around, play with other animals and will finally be able to hibernate.

It looks like the grizzly bears Timber, Miss America, Maverick, Miss Montana and Mishka will be living their best lives after being released. The Wild Animal Sanctuary is 789 acres and located near Keenesburg. They recently added another location called the Wild Animal Sanctuary's Wildlife Refuge, which is 9,684 acres. Looks like these six grizzlies might even get a bigger upgrade on their pad in the future.

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