I got the idea to start looking for some quick and easy breakfast recipes after seeing what Zane Mathews considers the breakfast of champions. Every morning he eats dry oatmeal and a banana, which has to get boring. So, in an effort to add a little excitement to his healthy breakfast, I found some recipes where two of the six ingredients needed are oatmeal and a banana.

When it comes to food, I love different tastes, textures, colors and combinations of ingredients. In short, I eat because I enjoy it. Unfortunately, I also have to watch what I eat to keep from becoming a candidate for the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Zane is much more practical in his approach to food. So, these recipes are the combination of practical and pleasurable. It's as close a compromise there will ever be when it comes to breakfast.

If you have other great breakfast ideas, we'd love for you to share them. I'm always looking for something different and Zane might like it too!