From a rainbow trout to a snowboarding Santa, you need all of these ornaments. Here are six Colorado Christmas ornaments that every Christmas tree needs.

This is not a drill, Christmas is quickly approaching and it's time to think about your tree. I always look forward to buying a real Christmas tree every year and having that fresh, Christmasy smell in my house.

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I always get at least one new super cute ornament every year to add to my Christmas tree. We don't just have one cute Christmas ornament for you -- we have eight. Here are eight Colorado Christmas ornaments that every Christmas tree 100% needs:

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If Santa was from Colorado, he would totally be a shredder. This ornament has both Santa and a snowboard, what else could you ask for? I really enjoy collecting cool Santa ornaments because maybe the more ornaments of him I put on my tree, the more presents I'll get under the tree.

Colorado = Broncos country. This isn't your typical Broncos ornament either. Instead of it being a football or a football helmet, this Christmas ornament reminds you of your favorite team and how ridiculously cold it gets in Colorado.

Us Coloradans have so much pride in our state flag, you literally see it everywhere. In stores, on cars, on clothes, on tattoos and now, on your Christmas tree. This Christmas ornament is made out of wood and is in the shape of a heart because let's face it, you love Colorado.

I've never hiked so much in my life until I moved to Colorado. The whole being one with nature and enjoying the peace and quiet surrounding by some of most beautiful scenery ever, that's what hiking is all about. This Christmas ornament screams 'hiking is life' or maybe 'I'm a succa for nature.'

Going fishing in Colorado is so much fun. We have so many different species, especially when it comes to trout. It's only fitting that your Christmas tree should have a gorgeous trout on there to remind you that when it gets warmer, it's time to go fishing.

Colorado was the first state to make weed legal and with the holidays, this ornament is even more perfect. It says 'marijuana, can't we all just get a bong?' which makes us wonder the same thing when the family gets together during Christmas.

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