Actor, artist, and all-around weird guy Shia LaBeouf is hitchhiking his way across Colorado, and might pass through Grand Junction. If he does, and you should pick him up on the side of the road, where would you like to take him?

According to, Shia LaBeouf and a few friends are hitchhiking across Colorado as part of a project dubbed @TAKEMEANYWHERE. Shia and company will be crossing the state via "Thumb Mode" through June 23.

You are able to track Shia's movements via this link.

So, let's say you pick up Shia & Company on I-70 as they enter the Grand Valley. Where would you take them? They seem to be roaming aimlessly, with no destination in mind.

Obviously, you should drive them over the Colorado National Monument. Perhaps you could take them to the Visitors Center on the Grand Mesa. If you wanted to be a creep, you could head out halfway between Grand Junction and Delta and just leave them.

Keep track of Shia and his group, and give thought to giving them a ride. When you find them, and if you pick them up, where do you plan to take them?