From the Front Range to the Broncos, to Casa Bonita, these Colorado things are so overrated. Here are seven Colorado things that you think are overrated.

Let's be honest, there are somethings in Colorado that are simply aren't worth the hype. Things like green chile and the Colorado National Monument just don't live up to their reputation in my opinion.

We asked you what Colorado things you think are overrated on our Facebook and here they are. These are seven Colorado things you think are overrated.

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    The Front Range

    The Front Range is one of the most popular responses to our 'what's overrated in Colorado?' question. The Front Range is way too expensive with way too many people. The roads weren't built for that many people, note all of the ridiculous traffic.

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    Roundabouts are another very overrated thing here in Colorado. It seems like roundabouts are the solution to every problem, but doesn't exactly solve them. Roundabouts don't solve the problem because some drivers just don't know how to maneuver them.

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    Denver Broncos

    The Broncos were the most popular answer by far. Obviously, lots of Coloradans feel like the Broncos are overrated. Maybe if they got more wins they wouldn't disappoint us or be seen as overrated.

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    Aspen/Vail is another overrated Colorado thing on the list. These ski towns aren't worth the hype. The prices (for literally everything) are way too high and the whole traffic/waiting around on the slopes just isn't worth the trip.

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    Colorado National Monument

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    Casa Bonita

    Casa Bonita is the last overrated Colorado thing on this list. I think Casa Bonita got all of its hype (or most of it) from being in a South Park episode. You say their food is gross plus it's in Denver -- and the Front Range is clearly overrated, considering it was number one on this list.

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    Hanging Lake

    Hanging Lake is supposed to be on Colorado's 'otherworldly gems' but it's not worth the hype, it's overrated. The seemingly all-natural turquoise water and waterfall is actually surrounded by wooden walkway that wraps around the lake. You'll be hiking in between groups of people and constantly letting others pass.

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