The Donald Trump campaign continues to make headlines for reasons that bewilder and raise eyebrows.

The latest? Security at a rally for the Republican hopeful slammed a photographer down to the ground on Monday in Radford, Va.

Video of the scene was taken by Joe Perticone of the Independent Journal and posted on Twitter.

It's believed the journalist in question on the ground is Chris Morris, who works for Time. He repotedly got into a dispute with the agent while trying to get a good angle while shooting some protesters who showed up at the rally. It quickly spiraled into physical violence, with the agent allegedly choking Morris and throwing him on the ground.

Another tweet by Perticone captured what may have happened right before Morris went down.

Morris, who was detained, says he will not press charges. Whether or not this incident will spiral into anything more than it was and becomes a source of controversy for Trump remains to be seen.

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