You go to sleep and your hammock is in great shape. You wake up and it's kind of shredded. A nighttime security video solved the mystery of who/what annihilated the family hammock.

After watching this video, I'm surprised the hammock last this long. A mama bear and two cubs were having an overnight party.

Come to find out this bear trio are known by the family with the cute names of Big Butt Momma Bear, Bertha and "The Darryls". How appropriate that it was Big Butt Momma Bear who chose to swing away in the hammock only interrupted by chewing it from above and beneath.

The cool thing is the family didn't mind as they know the bears are now out foraging for food getting fattened up for the imminent hibernation.

As for the hammock, it might need a teeny tiny bit of mending before its human family uses it again.

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