The search has intensified for a Grand Junction dog named Walter.

Walter is a one-year-old boxer who went missing last month in Grand Junction and the family has been trying desperately to locate him, not being sure if he has run away, been stolen, or has been taken in as a stray.

Now the search has gone digital, with billboards in Grand Junction now spreading the word of Walter's disappearance. If you catch it at just the right moment you'll see the sign on Highway 6 & 50 near Sprouts, and there's one at Ouray and 1st.

Jodi Coleman Niernberg via Facebook
Jodi Coleman Niernberg via Facebook

The bottom line is Walter is still missing, but lots of folks are looking. A boxer turned up on Orchard Mesa this week, lifting hope that perhaps it was Walter, but it wasn't. False alarm.

A $1,000 reward has been offered for the safe return of Walter, no questions asked. You can get more information on Facebook.

By the way, if you ever lose or find a pet there are a couple of great Facebook groups dedicated to helping people recover lost pets. Lost and Found Pets of Mesa County and Mesa County Lost and Found Pets are great resources to utilize whenever you find a stray animal or lose a pet.

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