A teenager from Colorado Springs has made the ultimate comeback. This is how Schafer Reichart went from being hospitalized a year ago to running the court.

Schafer Reichart has always loved basketball. He used to wake up his dad at 5:30 in the morning to go play basketball at the YMCA, according to KOAA. Now Schafer plays basketball for his high school, Doherty High School. Right around this time last year, when Schafer was a sophomore, he got so sick he had to stop playing basketball or doing anything at all.

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Around the middle of January last year, Schafter came down with the flu. He felt better after a week and went back to playing basketball. He said he played one game and then it hit him like a brick wall, according to KOAA.

Schafer ended up in the hospital fighting Toxic Shock Syndrome, which stemmed from the flu and strep throat. The poor kid had all kinds of tubes coming out of him and was unconscious for a week and had no idea. He said he was on a lot of morphine and all he wanted to do was live -- he wasn't going to give up.

He spent 45 days in the hospital before he was able to go home. Now a junior in high school, Schafer is back to ballin' out on his high school's basketball court and is leading his team in scoring, according to KOAA. Schafer's family, coach, and teammates are all stoked to see him happy and healthy again.

He says he's never taking anything for granted because it can all be over in a second. Schafer has made one amazing comeback and we can't wait to see what this super strong and brave kid will do in the future.

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