Taking a scenic air tour over Grand Junction and the Colorado National Monument is by far the coolest thing I have done this summer, capturing a very unique glimpse of the Grand Valley.

Most of us have probably flown in and out of Grand Junction commercially and have had the chance to see the Grand Valley from the air. But, it was very different capturing the views from a small plane with Colorado Flight Center.

For one thing, the plane is not moving as fast as a jet, which gives you more time to really check out the scenery. Plus, you can look out either side, the front, and the back.

I boarded the plane with my radio colleagues Josh Taylor and Tommy Rocker for a 7:30 am flight. We each donned headsets, just like you see on TV, so that we could communicate with each other - and our pilot John Stanley - as well as listen in on some of the control tower chatter.

The plane is small - just four seats. There is one seat for the pilot and three for passengers.

Tommy, being the heaviest of the three, was directed to take the front seat, with Josh and I in the back.

Pilot John asked us where we wanted to go, we said, 'the Monument.' He said, 'okay!'

The flight was smooth and totally cool! Seeing the Colorado National Monument from this perspective changed the way I look at the Monument. It so much bigger than you might think if you are experiencing it in a car or bike.

I have a new appreciation for this incredible natural wonder.