Samuel L. Jackson’s famous Ezekiel 25:17 speech from ‘Pulp Fiction’ would send chills down the spines of even the toughest of specimens. So when the actor visited ‘The Graham Norton Show’ the other day, the host posed an interesting hypothetical scenario involving a young man taking Jackson’s daughter Zoe on a date.

“Imagine you’re about 17 or 18," the show's host proposed. "You’re coming around to the Jackson residence to pick up lovely Zoe, and you get Samuel L. Jackson doing this.”

Cue Jackson staring straight into the camera in all his terrifying ‘Pulp Fiction’ glory (sans ‘stache and Jheri curl) as though no time -- let alone 20 years -- has passed.

Fellow guest Keira Knightley simply complimented the recitation, saying, “That was smooth.”

We, however, err on Norton’s side: Any of Zoe’s potential suitors must’ve been on their absolute best behavior at all times, because, seriously, who would want to risk ending up the subject of Samuel L. Jackson's vengeance-seeking and "furious anger"?

And here's that original scene, because it's so great:

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