Sammy Hagar is clearly enthusiastic for his upcoming album by the Circle.

Having wrapped up recording just last month, he's now posted to his Instagram account.a clip of himself listening to the record in the studio and singing along with it.

The part you can hear in the below preview appears to be an acoustic breakdown, complete with a shouting "hey, hey" refrain, which is where Hagar joins in. Just as the song is about to kick back in, he motions for the camera to stop recording. He used the hashtags "#lastsongonrecord," suggesting that the song is the album's closer, and "#january," which could be anything from when he plans to release the record to the name of the track.

The Circle -- Hagar's latest band that also includes bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vic Johnson -- recently finished recording the album. It's the first LP of original material by the group, whose previous effort, 2015's At Your Service, was a live record that incorporated hits from Hagar's past, including his solo career and stints with Montrose and Van Halen, as well as some Led Zeppelin covers in a nod to Bonham's late father.

A couple of weeks ago, Bonham said the album is a "concept kind of album" in that it's meant to be played in order, from start to finish. “What [Hagar] wanted to do was do something very different than he's ever done,” he said. “Which is send you on a journey, like the old days ... where the placement of each [song] is vital for it to make sense."

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