With his ever-present smile and trademark rooster haircut, Ron Wood has been in the public eye for more than 50 years. We're looking back at his career with pictures of him from 1967 until the present day in the gallery below.

Although he'd been playing guitar professionally since 1964, Ron Wood first became widely known in 1967 as the bass player for the Jeff Beck Group. After a couple of years, he and the singer, Rod Stewart, got the opportunity to join the Small Faces, where Wood switched back to guitar, and the band changed their name to the Faces.

How Ron Wood Joined the Rolling Stones

He spent the first half of the decade in the group, co-writing some of their best-loved songs, like "Ooh La La" -- on which he sang lead -- and "Stay With Me," while also working a lot with Stewart in the singer's parallel solo career. But as the Faces were imploding, Mick Taylor was preparing to leave the Rolling Stones, and Wood jumped at the opportunity. He made his debut on 1976's Black and Blue, quickly forming a chemistry with Keith Richards, and he's been in the group ever since.

Throughout it all, he's had his own solo career beginning with 1974's I've Got My Own Album to Do, and he often sits in with the many friends he's made over the years. He's also well-known for his artwork, having made the cover for Eric Clapton's Crossroads box set, compiled his Rolling Stones set lists into a book and selling prints at his online shop.

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You'll see pictures from all phases of his musical career -- including in-concert photos, album covers, publicity shots and screen captures from videos -- as well as pictures with the three women to whom he's been married, Krissy, Jo and Sally. One exception: we couldn't find a legally cleared picture of him from 1991, when he spent the first part of the year recovering from a car accident. Check it all out below.

Ron Wood Year by Year: 1967-2023 Photos

A look at the life of Ron Wood with more than 50 years' worth of photos of the affable guitarist.

Gallery Credit: Dave Lifton

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