See? Rock stars are just like you and me. They even ride the subway and, apparently, fall asleep while doing so.

That's Rod Stewart in the above pic, captured by Twitter user FirstWordNick's pal Don. Or maybe it's someone who just looks an awful lot like Stewart. Either way, it looks like he's about ready to tip over (or maybe he's just exhausted from writing all those new songs for his upcoming album). Or maybe he's just tired because he's 69 years old, and 69-year-old guys tend to nod off like that once in a while.

Either way, we bet the girl sitting next to him isn't listening to Rod Stewart. She may not even know who he is. For all she knows, the old dude with the funky hair slipping into slumberland next to her is one of those guys who rides the subway all day -- back and forth, back and forth -- until someone kicks them off or they decide they need to take a leak someplace other than in their pants.

Apparently this guy's recent trip on the NYC subway isn't all that big a deal. Two years ago, somebody snapped this pic of Stewart (or somebody who looks a lot like him) riding the rails ... and sleeping again!

And according to the Gothamist, lots of people have seen this man catching a ride, and perhaps some zzzs, on the subway. Maybe it's the only place he can get away from that nagging Maggie. In fact, here's another pic of him -- this time with eyes open but still looking a little sleepy -- from last year.

So, unlike this subway rider, keep your eyes open! You never know who you'll see sitting next to you the you next time you're heading to work or grabbing a bite to eat.

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