Part of the appeal of virtual reality is the ability to "see" and "do" things you'd never be able to in real life — and judging from Samsung's new ad campaign for its Gear VR headset, that might be true for ostriches as well as humans.

In the commercial, which you can watch above, one of the flightless fowl wanders up to a patio table where a Gear owner has thoughtlessly left his or her headset lying around, and ends up wearing it — and the bird's initial consternation quickly gives way to amazement after experiencing the feeling of soaring among the clouds.

Drunk on this taste of airborne freedom, the accidental thief spreads its wings and runs through its herd trying to take flight, only to taste desert dirt (and whatever passes for humiliation among ostriches). But now that it's felt something like flight, it won't be so easily denied and hatches a plan ... all set to Elton John's "Rocket Man."

As Campaign notes, this feel-good campaign — which concludes with the slogan "We make what can't be made, so you can do what can't be done" — is likely an attempt on Samsung's part to repair the public-relations nightmare the company suffered when its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started exploding. A little Elton John never hurt anyone, anyway.

John, meanwhile, can be heard alongside Jack White on a new recording of "Two Fingers of Whiskey" from the upcoming American Epic: The Sessions collection. Read more about the record at our sister site Diffuser, and check out John and White's collaboration below.

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