We're all familiar with that airline instruction: In the event of an emergency, fit your oxygen mask before trying to help others.

That general concept can be a little harder to embrace when you're a caregiver of an older adult. While there may not be many emergencies and the work may be done with love, it still can put strain and stress on the caregiver — possibly so gradually that he or she doesn't realize it until the caregiver is overwhelmed.

That's why Right at Home offers respite care. Their professionally trained and bonded/insured caregivers can temporarily take over care of a loved one while the primary caregiver grabs coffee with friends, visits the park with their children, manages other responsibilities, or simply relaxes. This time away allows them to recharge their batteries and bolster their spirits so they can continue to provide loving care.

Right at Home respite care is scheduled on an hourly basis, so you can establish the schedule that is best for your situation and adjust it as needed. A respite care professional will visit the home for an assessment to develop a care plan before matching you with a compatible Right at Home caregiver. They can offer everything from companionship to help with hygiene and mobility, to specialized care for conditions such as dementia or diabetes.

Take your first step toward a more balanced, relaxed lifestyle with Right at Home respite care by calling (970) 697-1331 or visiting rightathome.net/grand-junction/services/specialty-care/respite-care.

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