No matter what you do, there will always be that one person that has to find something to complain about. For your amusement, I not-so-proudly present these pathetic one-star reviews of Colorado's Dinosaur National Monument.

Get ready to scratch your head. Before long you're going to wonder if the world has gone completely nuts.

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Glowing Reviews

If you're from Western Colorado, chances are you've been to Dinosaur National Monument more than a few times. If you search Google, you'll find 2.486 reviews for the monument with an overall score of an awesome 4 1/2 stars. Most reviews praise the park for the amazing fossils and wide variety of activities.

Unfortunately, there's always that one guy. For example, the tourist who left a one-star review stating, "For us this is the least pleasant park on the entire West Coast." Without our knowing it, someone moved the Colorado/Utah state line to the West Coast.

I did a similar post yesterday involving negative reviews of the Colorado River. That was fun, albeit a bit disturbing. With the Colorado Day celebration taking place at various Colorado monuments and parks, I thought it would be fun to do something similar.

What Can You Do There?

Looking at their official webpage, Dinosaur National Monument offers:

  • lots and lots of fossils
  • river rafting
  • camping
  • hiking
  • petroglyphs and more...

How to Get There

Depending on which road you take, you're looking at roughly a 110 mile drive from Grand Junction. With the current closures in Glenwood Canyon (as of August 6, 2021) you're pretty much committed to driving from Grand Junction to Loma, and then taking Highway 139 to Rangely, then to Dinosaur. Not exactly the easiest drive, but well worth it.

For Your Amusement

I don't enjoy focusing on the negative, but these negative reviews were funny. Pathetic might be a better word. Check out these whiney Google Reviews of Dinosaur National Monument.

Laughable One-Star Reviews of Colorado's Dinosaur National Monument

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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