An extremely rare 'supermoon' will be visible in the Colorado sky during a total lunar eclipse on September 27th.

For the first time since 1982, a 'supermoon' total eclipse will grace the night time sky producing a moon that will appear substantially larger and brighter than normal.

According to, the 'supermoon' occurs when the moon, in it's elliptical orbit, is at it's nearest point to the Earth.The sunlight, bent by the earth's atmosphere, gives the moon a reddish color, and is so-named a blood moon.

We will be hoping for clear skies on September 27th, because plenty of folks won't be around when the next 'supermoon' occurs in 2033. The phenomena has occurred only five times since 1900.

So, skywatchers and photographers should get their equipment ready for some serious moon gazing near the end of the month - and pray for clear skies.


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