DOG BLOG | We've been told to never leave dogs in hot cars, but this new device could make it safe if you're in a pinch.

The Denver Channel shared the news of the PuppTech system, created by a Colorado man after he realized he traveled everywhere with his dog, especially in the summer. However, he would be forced to leave him in the car if he had to make a quick bathroom stop or run a quick errand ⁠— a problem quite a few of us dog-lovin' Coloradans have. But, you don't want to wind up with Kyle Clark throwing a rock through your window, or worse, something bad happening to your dog.

Now, a new device made here in Colorado can keep your dog safe. How? PuppTech communicates from your pup to your phone (PupComm) about the status of your dog's surroundings and their comfort.

'The PuppComm uses temperature and humidity sensors to determine the heat index in your dog's environment. It then uses this information... your dog's breed, age, weight, and other factors — to determine if your dog is too hot, too cool, or comfortable.' - PuppTech

People who pass by your car can also scan a sticker on your window to make sure the dog inside is OK. And also so they don't Kyle Clark your window, probably.

PuppTech says it is just that, for your pup, so do not use it for kids. More from The Denver Channel here.

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