If the PSL from Starbucks was not enough for you, have no fear Buffalo Wild Wings comes up with an all-time favorite for those pumpkin flavor favorites.

Yes. You heard me correctly. Buffalo Wild Wings are in the game when it comes to fall flavors.

Being that so many of us want pumpkin everything, Buffalo Wild Wings has come up with an impressive BBQ sauce that I’m personally stoked about.

Wait for it … wait … how do you feel about this combination; chicken wings mix with a limited-edition pumpkin spice ale sauce?

Sounds weird, right? I love pumpkin pie, PSL’s, pumpkin fettuccine, pumpkin seeds, so it was most important for me to try this brilliant blend.

Truthfully I was a tad nervous trying this sassy new seasonal sauce, but I must say that I absolutely loved It.

I enjoyed it so much that I might have a harder time letting it go more than any other fall flavor out there.

I know … I know … some may think some flavors should never be associated with one another, but what would have ever happened if peanut butter never bumped into chocolate? The Reese Peanut Butter Cup wouldn't exist today.

Eat up. Yum.

For me, this beautiful union is a true VICTORY.

Right on B.W.W.

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