Nearly everyone who met Prince walked away with a wild story to tell. In the case of actor and comedian David Alan Grier, simply visiting Paisley Park gave him an extraordinary anecdote.

The In Living Color alum first shared his Prince story during a 2019 interview on The Howard Stern Show. Grier explained that he was in Minneapolis for the All-Star Weekend circa 1995, and Prince wanted him to perform at his Glam Slam nightclub.

“So I go in there to meet Prince, and his road manager, these guys pick me up,” Grier recalled. “I’m like, ‘Where’s Prince?’ And they said, ‘Well, he’s not here.’ And I’m like, ‘Fuck.’ That’s the only reason why I did the gig.”

As a consolation, Prince’s crew gave Grier a tour of Paisley Park. There, Prince’s road manager told Grier about a frantic phone call he received from Prince in the middle of the night while they were on the road.

“Prince calls him at three in the morning — and he said that’s not unusual, ‘cause Prince was known to, he would call in and say, ‘I’m gonna do a rehearsal,’” Grier said. “He answers the phone and he says, ‘What’s up?’ In a hotel, on the road. And [Prince] says, ‘There are motherfucking voices coming from the motherfucking walls.’”

Perturbed, Prince's road manager went to his hotel room, where the singer greeted him in “white satin pajamas, white satin durag, full perm, makeup and white satin high-heeled boots,” Grier said. Insistent that there was a cosmic disturbance in his room, Prince told his road manager to be quiet. Lo and behold, they both heard a female voice.

“So he calls the hotel security, they call the police, they do a complete sweep,” Grier said. “They find this woman who is in the crawlspace behind Prince’s bed with a flashlight and a Bible, and she’s reading Bible verse[s] to try and convert Prince."

Grier continued: “He said as they were dragging this woman screaming out, Prince is sitting at the table with his legs crossed, and he says, ‘I told you motherfuckers there were motherfucking voices coming from the motherfucking walls, but y'all motherfuckers didn’t believe me.'"

Watch Grier's full retelling of the story below.


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