Colorado Governor Polis said in his Friday afternoon press conference that as with April, there will be no evictions in the month of May for residential and commercial tenants.

Aside from emergency evictions, like those that pose a threat to community safety, or those that were in process prior to the COVID-19 crisis, courts will not be processing evictions right now. This is because courts are not operating at capacity for civil cases.

However, that does not mean tenants are off the hook for paying April and May rent.

When asked about tenants who have income, but are taking advantage of the no-eviction order and not paying rent, Polis expressed that it's simply giving tenants more time to pay rent. Tenants should be able to work out a plan with their landlords to pay the April and May rent over the course of the rest of their lease.

Polis also announced that the statewide ski closure was extended to May 23, likely ending ski season for most Colorado resorts.

Resorts will have to adapt to new hygiene practices and protocols to eventually reopen. County approval will also be required for reopenings.

"It's not so much about exposure on the slopes," Polis said. "It's more about if our host communities are ready for visitors."

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