A Colorado plumber, on vacation with his family, got the shock of his life while wading in Windsor Lake recently.

As he was walking in the water, he felt something brush against his leg. He lifted his foot to see what it was and that's when the shock happened.

The bottom of a child's foot floated to the surface. And it was a three-year-old baby, blue and lifeless.

He pulled the baby out of the water and began screaming for help, asking whose baby it was. Two off-duty nurses heard him screaming and came running and, along with the plumber were successful in reviving the child.

As he told the mother of the child, once he saw those little toes, that baby became his baby. The child was not wearing a safety vest, which led Angelo the plumber to collect life vests and share them with families who can't afford them.

The baby is expected to make a full recovery.


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