The month of July has given Grand Junction, Colorado several days of upper 90-degree heat already, and many of us will be looking for ways to keep cool.

If you forgot to prep the swamp cooler, or want to know of some places to beat the heat, we can help. Scroll on for 10 places you can go in the Grand Valley to escape the upper 90s and triple-digit heat whenever it arrives.

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Grand Junction Expects Triple-Digit Heat This Weekend

The forecast for the weekend brings the upper 90s to the Grand Valley starting on Thursday. High temperatures on Friday and Saturday are expected to reach 101 degrees, with lows at night near 70.

Go Up or Go Under to Beat the Heat

Two rock-solid ways to combat the heat are to either jump in the water or head up to the higher elevations where things are much more comfortable. Not only does Grand Junction have plenty of places to swim, but we also have some very cool mountain lakes we can escape to as well. Scroll on to find out how to get to these places below.

Where Can You Go To Escape The Heat in Grand Junction, Colorado?

Below we have started you off with 10 places you can go to get out of the heat. From the Grand Mesa to the Colorado River, get out and enjoy the Grand Valley in places that will help cool you off and give your A/C at home a rest.

10 Places To Stay Cool This Summer in Grand Junction, Colorado

As summer temperatures arrive in the Grand Valley, Grand Junction has a number of places that can help keep you cool. Scroll through the photos below to find a place to cool off. Know of more places? Share them with us on the station app and we will add them to the list.

MORE SWIMMING: Colorado's Fun Backcountry Swimming Holes & Hot Springs

Get out on the trails and discover Colorado's super fun swimming holes and hot springs. Remember to obey all posted signs and to check water levels and conditions before swimming. All locations are 'swim at your own risk'.

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