For some reason rodents scavenging food in New York City seem to be real popular right now. So much so, it made for the perfect prank.

This all started with the video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza out of the New York subway. After that, there was a video of  a squirrel slurping down a milkshake, and even more pizza rat videos being posted.

So, why not build a remote control rat dragging a slice of pizza through the city  and see how people react.

What made this so funny is how many different ways people reacted. Some thought this was the real thing and were both surprised and frightened while others simply stepped out of the way as if a rat cruising the streets with food was a regular occurrence.

One thing you can count on, next time you travel to the big city, just remember this video and don't be surprised to see rats and other rodents dragging food through the streets and down the sidewalks.


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