A video showing hundreds of people gathering at Boulder Creek this Monday (May 18) has left the Boulder County Health Department disappointed.

No one in the video appears to be wearing a mask or adhering to social distancing guidelines.

"It's very disappointing to see our fellow residents not considering the impact of their behavior on other people," Boulder County Health Department spokesperson Chana Goussetis told CPR. "We understand that this is a really difficult time for us. It's beautiful outside, we all want to finally get out and enjoy. But we're not there yet."

Goussetis noted that the health department is less concerned about handing out citations to the people in the video, and more interested in educating the public about the dangers of behavior like this.

However, CPR reports that the department has been in contact with local law enforcement.

The incident serves as a reminder to the public that social distancing rules are still in effect, even while out in nature.

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