Alice Cooper recalled the moment during his recover from drug addiction when he felt he’d have to abandon his performance alter ego – only to be talked out of it by his pastor.

The incident took place in the mid ‘80s after Cooper – real name Vincent Furnier – had begun to pull his life back together with the help of his wife, Sheryl.

“Sheryl had gone – she had gone to Chicago and said, ‘I can’t watch this,’” Cooper said in an interview with evangelist Greg Laurie. “But the cocaine was speaking a lot louder than her. Finally, I looked into the mirror and it looked like my makeup, but it was blood coming down. I think I might have been hallucinating; I don’t know.”

You can watch the full interview below:

He continued: “I flushed the rock down the toilet. I woke up and I called her and I said, ‘It’s done.’ And she goes, ‘Right. You have to prove it.’ One of the deals was we start going to church… I knew that there had to either come a point where I either accepted Christ and started living that life… if I did in this, I was in a lot of trouble. …I just to to a point of saying, ‘I’m tired of this life.’”

That began a period where Cooper reconsidered every aspect of his life. “I went to my pastor and I said, ‘I think I’ve gotta quit being Alice Cooper now.’ He says, ‘Look where he put you. What if you’re Alice Cooper, but what if you’re now following Christ? … You’re a rock star, but you don’t live the rock star life. Your lifestyle is now your testimony.”


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