Parker the Snow Dog has been sworn in as the mayor of a Colorado town. Parker is the mascot for Loveland Ski Area, is a therapy dog and is a TV star.

Parker the Snow Dog is a Bernese Mountain dog who's basically a celebrity and now, he's also the mayor of Georgetown. He was voted as the honorary mayor of the town and recently was sworn in and had a ceremony and everything.

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You might recognize Parker from the Loveland Ski Area because he's their mascot. Or maybe you know him because he's a camp therapy dog for the Rocky Mountain Village Easterseals Colorado. If that's now how you know Parker the Snow Dog, it might be because he's on TV for almost every Broncos game.

The Town of Georgetown Selectman unanimously voted for Parker to be their honorary mayor. His duties at the honorary mayor of Georgetown include:

  • Being absolutely adorable
  • Attending events as an ambassador of Georgetown
  • Being a good boy
  • Wearing super cute outfits like the glasses and tie pictured above/below
  • Sniffing things
  • Giving lots of cuddles and licks

Parker the Snow Dog has a Facebook page that has over 6,000 likes and his about me now says 'politician.' Someone asked Parker this on his Facebook:

Q: Mr. Mayer, what do you see as your biggest challenge?
A: Getting treats to all the dogs.

Parker the Snow Dog's family, friends and fans are all very proud and excited for him to be the honorary mayor of Georgetown. Parker's owner says he loves seeing people's smiles whenever they see him. It's hard not to smile when you see a mayor with a face like that.

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