Some people have the uncanny ability to see the world from a perspective different from the rest of us. That perspective allows them to create optical illusions that fool us into thinking they're real.

Merriam Webster defines optical illusion as 'something that looks different from what it is : something that you seem to see but that is not really there.

Freerunners Jason Paul and Pasha Petkuns turned some of their real skills of running, jumping, climbing and gymnastic ability into entertaining optical illusions.

Part of what makes this seem so real is the fact these two already possess athletic skills most people don't. Combine that with the right props and camera angles and you have the making of an incredible series of illusions.

These guys make this look easy, but it took a lot of time to get every part of the illusion perfect so it appears believable. This is an awesome way to take a great skill and push it even further.