Enjoying some of Colorado's hot springs locations with the family can be a great time: You're all enjoying a natural wonder in the Colorado air. Other times, you just need to get away, as adults, and enjoy the springs.

While there are places in Colorado that are designed for "adults only," how about a place that welcomes everyone, but does have a place just for those 21 and over? No kids, no "other peoples' kids;" a place to really "soak" in what a hot springs resort can offer.

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When is the last time you got away to one of the great in-state vacation spots that Colorado has to offer? Maybe what you need is a location that's great for your spirit, and your body. Speaking of "spirits," this place offers 21+ beverages.

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They say, "If your feet aren't happy, you aren't happy," which comes into play, because in this "Adults Only" section, the bottom of the pools have pebbles at the bottom to flex your reflexology knowledge.


This is all now a part of the long-established Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood Springs. They've added to their property a new experience, "Upriver." The 'river,' of course, is the Colorado River, which sits just south of Iron Mountain.

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Where Iron Mountain stands today, has been a hot springs destination in Colorado since 1896, when people could book a stay at the resort. Today, Iron Mountain is a spot to come to, spend some time relaxing, and then be on their way. Their new addition makes it a very appealing place to relax as an adult.


"Upriver" has 10 new hot spring mineral pools, with pebbles at the bottom, along with a big freshwater pool with a great waterfall (for a nice cold plunge.) They've also added a cafe with a fresh new menu, tailored for adults.

Eight of the 10 new 'Adults Only' hot springs at Iron Mountain are right along the Colorado River, making it a true "Colorado" experience. Iron Mountain has already won several awards,

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