When you think of tornado country you might think of Oklahoma or Texas, but it turns one Colorado county has had more tornadoes in the last half century than any county in the nation.

Colorado actually has two of the top counties in the nation for tornadoes. Adams County is #3 with Weld County taking #1 position in the nation. Fox 31 reports since 1950 there have been 262 tornadoes in Weld County and 173 in Adams County. The highest ranked Oklahoma County comes in at #6 with 142.

By contrast, the Grand Junction area has seen only 9 tornadoes since 1950, which should not be surprising. Statistics indicate 95% of the state's twisters have occurred east of I-25.

It's another reminder why it is great to be living in Western Colorado. While a tornado here is possible, it is extremely rare. The bad news, storm chaser jobs are hard to come by on the western slope. The good news is there's rarely a storm to chase.

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