This is going to cause a reaction from some as we approach the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. According to KOAA, the International Olympic Committee has confirmed their long-standing ban on "demonstrations of political or religious or racial propaganda". But Athletes who decided to go against the ban have been promised legal support by a global union and activist group located in Germany.

This is going to be very interesting because as we all know more and more athletes have become vocal or have decided to raise a fist or kneel during national anthems. No one is really sure what kind of punishment could be enforced if an athlete decides to make a protest at the games.

When and How Does This Ban on Protesting at the Olympic Games Work?

The ban is in effect whenever the athletes are on the field of play while receiving medals at the podiums, and during opening and closing ceremonies of the games.

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There are Also Rules Around the Clothing Worn By Athletes at the Olympic Games

When you think about it, it makes sense that there are rules around athletes wearing specific clothing. Companies pay millions of dollars to have their logos worn by the athletes. But more specifically this year there was a slogan that athletes will not be able to have visible on any piece of clothing and that slogan is "Black Lives Matter". The decision was again made by the International Olympic Committee, but I wouldn't be shocked to see someone protest at the upcoming Olympic Games and just deal with whatever consequences are handed down.

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