Ohio City is mostly a ghost town — but you could be the one to turn it around.

The town's former liquor store, general store, bar, and restaurant, known as the Mother Lode, are currently on the market for $595,000. According to Zillow, the property also features two residential units.

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"This adorable, historic property is the center of Ohio City and includes RV spaces, outbuildings, and a lot more land that can be developed with other improvements," reads the listing, which notes that the property is "ready for immediate occupancy and operation."

Derelict Doug reports that Ohio City came to be during the Gold Rush in the 1860s. Over the years, the town's popularity ebbed and flowed depending on whether or not there was gold and silver in the area.

The town saw its latest boom in the 2010s when the Mother Lode's new owner turned it into "an oasis for the community, travelers, and campers." Unfortunately, the business closed in 2016, effectively rendering Ohio City a ghost town once again.

Unless you revive it, that is. Buying the Mother Lode could bring the town back to life — and, since Ohio City is basically one stretch of road, you would pretty much own the area.

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Plus, even though Ohio City is a semi-ghost town, it does get tourists passing through Pitkin and Gunnison. Your business would be poppin' in no time.

Ready to be the next piece of Ohio City's history? Check out the Mother Lode in the gallery below.

You Can Pretty Much Own Ohio City, Colorado for Under $600,000

Ohio City is almost a ghost town, but you could be the one to turn it around with the purchase of the Mother Lode: a liquor store, bar, restaurant, and general store right in the heart of town. Read on to see what it has to offer.

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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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