This may be hard to believe, but three sea creatures, cephalopods to be exact, were found in a Colorado lake. Even Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials can't explain the mysterious appearance.

The mystery began on July 14 at Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland when Samantha Sweetman's 5-year-old son found an octopus on the beach at the lake. Sweetman sent a photo of the unusual find to 9 News in Denver. That same day, the family found two more for a total of three.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) official confirmed the find, noting octopus cannot survive in fresh water. It's unclear how or why the octopuses, (or octopi), got to the lake, but the CPW does have some theories. It is possible they were left there - it's not known if they were alive or dead at the time - by someone wanting to get rid of them. Or, someone may have been trying to use them as bait for fishing.

What will be found next in a Colorado lake? Sharks, humpback whales or an offspring of the Loch Ness Monster? Time will tell.

Source: 9News

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