Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing quite like rafting down a river over rushing rapids. Or maybe, easy floating on the water, while taking in the scenery is more your style. Either way, there are several places in, and around, Fort Collins to assist with all types of rafting adventures.

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A1 Wildwater Rafting

The guides at A1 Wildwater are experienced and professional and have been leading rafting trips since 1982. This rafting company offers four different options to guests — the Wildwater Trip, Wild & Scenic Trip, Upper Mishawaka Trip, and the Poudre Full Day Trip. These trips range in duration and skill levels, so rafters can choose which one best suits their needs. Past rafters rave about A1, noting things like the knowledge and great personality of the guides, as well as the awesome experience out on the water.

Mountain Whitewater

Whether you're a first-time rafter or seasoned veteran, there are adventures for everyone at Mountain Whitewater. Rafters can pick from five unique experiences, that vary from half-day, full-day, and two-day trips. From taking on the heart-pounding class IV rapids on the Poudre Plunge to more of a family-friendly excursion on the Poudre Splash trip, reviews from past rafters all say amazing things about Mountain Whitewater. Pro tip: Once you get back from your rafting trip, cap off the day with a drink at Paddler's Pub.

Rocky Mountain Adventures

Outdoor enthusiasts have been planning epic whitewater rafting trips through Rocky Mountain Adventures since 1993. From mild to wild, they offer half-day, full-day, and overnight rafting trips on four different rivers across Northern Colorado. Those who have joined for previous rafting rides have loved getting the chance to get out and swim in the river, as well as the friendly and entertaining guides. The memories made on these trips will last a lifetime.

A Wanderlust Adventure

There are two incredible rafting trips that can be booked at A Wanderlust Adventure — the Taste of Whitewater and the Blast of Whitewater. Both offer breathtaking views as they take rafters down the scenic Cache la Poudre River. Rapids keep the excitement level high, but there are also plenty of chances to do so some floating and learn about the history of the surrounding area. Get ready to paddle hard and have a blast.

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