Recently there was a report from No Kill Colorado, a Denver non-profit agency, that put Mesa County last in the state for positive outcomes for animals. A positive outcome is one where the animal gets transferred or goes back to their owners, not euthanized.

Roice Hurst Humane Society, however, debates those findings, stating that No Kill Colorado does not look at why a particular animal has been euthanized. Animals that are a threat to other animals or humans are often put down, as are sick and untreatable animals.

Taking a look at the statistics for 2016, the group tracks different factors of shelters including how many were pets were adopted, how many died while in care that wasn't euthanized and more. According to the data, Roice Hurst actually shows zero dogs euthanized.

The report also shows a number of agencies in Mesa County that have no data at all. It also shows that, across the state, over 40,000 adult dogs were adopted and 5,600 euthanized. Nearly as many dogs were euthanized at the request of the owners. It also points out a large number of dogs were returned by the owner.

Cats do not seem to fare any better. Over 4,000 cats were euthanized statewide.

Caring for pets isn't always easy, nor is it always for everyone. The perfect solution would be all animals adopted and stay in loving homes all their lives. That just doesn't happen. Just make sure you know you want a pet and that you can care for it when you decide to add a pet to your family.

If you would like to rescue an animal talk to the folks at Roice Hurst. They and you will be happy you did. And so will the animals.

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