Week 14 in the NFL was not kind to me on Sure-Fire Picks as I only managed to go 2-2 thanks to the giant egg the 49ers layed against the Raiders, and the Saints bowing at home to Carolina.  That leaves me 41-10 for the season. This week, you can count on Philadelphia to rain on the Dallas parade if you are making picks in the Pro Football Pick'em Contest.

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This seems to be the surest pick of the week, which in itself is a scary thing. The Ravens are trying to make a playoff run, and this simply isn't the type of game that playoff teams lose in December.  The Ravens are at home, and the Jaguars have a great shot at next year's #1 overall draft pick. They aren't going to blow it here.
My Prediction: Ravens 34 | Jaguars 17

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The Raiders win over San Francisco last week was a complete fluke. You throw a handful of quarters into the air enough times and one is bound to land on it's edge eventually. However, the Chiefs also lost to the Raiders right after knocking off the Seahawks and falling into a three game swoon. The Raiders are allergic to success, while the Chiefs cling to miniscule playoff hopes, so we give the nod to Kansas City at home.
My Prediction: Chiefs 21 | Raiders 17

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Miami beat the Patriots in week one, but to expect a repeat of that performance is unrealistic. The Patriots are playing good football, despite a loss to the Pack a couple of weeks ago,  while the Dolphins are as up and down as a carnival carousel. If we know anything about the New England Patriots it's that they play their best football in December. Besides, fish do not do well in snow.
My Prediction: Patriots 27 | Dolphins 17

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Seems strange putting a game that could easily go either way into Sure-Fire Picks, but it just seems like the right thing to do. The Eagles waxed the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas, and we hardly expect a repeat of that shellacking. Unlike the Patriots, the Cowboys don't play their best football in December, and a loss here seriously damages their hopes for a division title, let alone a playoff berth. This one is going to be close with the Eagles winning at the end.
My Prediction: Eagles 28 | Cowboys 27