The NFL has fined Peyton Manning for his actions in last Saturday’s game against the Houston Texans. Manning was fined for taunting. It’s the first time in his hall of fame career he was flagged for such an action and the NFL hit him with a fine.

Manning threw a 29-yeard TD to Sanders and then got into the face of Texans safety D.J. Swearinger and was flagged for taunting. Swearinger was the one who hit Wes Welker resulting in his concussion. It’s still unknown if Welker will return this season.

So the league's best quarterback was flagged for the first time in his career for taunting and the NFL threw down a fine? Cm’on we have seen worse things than that get just a slap on the hand from the league.

Manning now has to pay a $8,258 fine. I have to laugh, that isn’t anything to Peyton and I bet he would do it again. I find it funny that Swearinger hasn’t been fined for his hit to Welker, but Manning is fined for taunting.

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