The Denver Zoo has a new resident who is 435 pounds and absolutely adorable. This animal literally has heart eyes, just look.

I have heart eyes for this animal's heart eyes. Yuri is the Denver Zoo's new resident and is the cutest Amur tiger. Yuri was born in 2010 at the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania, according to 9News.

Yuri used to live at the Bronx Zoo in New York City and made his move to Colorado in late January. This tiger is different from the rest because of his heart-shaped marking above his eyes.

This tiger is 435 pounds of fluffy, striped cute/savageness. According to 9News, after he's settled, Yuri will be introduced to a female tiger, Nikita, to hopefully make some kittens.

If and when he does have kittens, they will be his first and will be 'valuable to maintaining and healthy and genetically diverse population of Amur tigers" according to 9News.

You get all the heart eyes, Yuri. I can't wait to see you when I visit the Denver Zoo in a couple of weeks.

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