Why can't we have more online viral challenges that do good things in our community? The Ice Bucket Challenge raised millions of dollars for a great cause but this latest challenge is yet another really dumb idea and of course, there are still people that are doing it just because they hope to become "famous" online and have people like and share their videos.

The latest challenge is called the "outlet challenge" according to CNN and has the potential of causing a fire. It consists of someone using a phone charger, a wall outlet, and a penny to cause damage to the outlet.

The videos being created doing this challenge are mostly done by teenagers, they are sliding a penny between a partially plugged-in phone charger and a wall outlet so the coin hits the exposed metal prongs. As soon as this happens sparks shoot out of the outlet which could cause a fire, injure those involved, or cause major electrical damage.

There have been multiple schools across the country that have found scorched outlets or had fire alarms go off due to students attempting this challenge during school hours. This is causing damage in the range of around $700. The students if identified have been having to pay for the damages as well as deal with punishment from their school.

Please talk to your kids about not taking part in these online challenges. They could lead to serious charges from law enforcement, paying for damages and fines, and it's all for nothing. Hopefully, this online challenge passes quickly.

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