This is sort of a surprising-not-surprising news item. Universal is readying a sequel to last year’s phenomenally successful comedy ‘Neighbors,’ which starred Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as married thirtysomethings whose suburban bliss with their newborn baby is spoiled by the arrival of a rowdy frat house next door. The first movie didn’t exactly leave a bunch of loose ends for Rogen, Byrne, and Efron to continue into another film, and comedy sequels don’t have a great track record. But the first movie did gross over $268 million worldwide against an $18 million budget. Hence the not-surprising part: Universal’s announcement that they’re working on a ‘Neighbors 2,’ which they hope to have in theaters by next summer.

The best part is that all three stars will return for the sequel, along with the director of the first ‘Neighbors,’ Nicholas Stoller. Here’s the plot synopsis, via The Hollywood Reporter:

[Screenwriters Andrew Jay] Cohen and [Brendan] O'Brien are back for the sequel, which will have a female twist. This time a sorority moves in next door to the couple, who enlist their former nemeses from the fraternity to help battle the raucous sisters.

I was sort of hoping Kim Jong-un might move in next door to Rogen and Byrne, who need Efron’s help in winning an all-out prank war with the North Korean dictator. Alas, no such luck. ‘Neighbors 2’ is currently scheduled for release on May 13, 2016.

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