If you need a job, perhaps you should check out Enstrom.

Everybody knows about and loves Enstrom candy and toffee, but you may not have realized that it takes real people to make the candy, pack it up all nice and neat in a box and ship it off.  I guess I always thought it was the Enstrom Elves that did all the work.

Well, now the secret is out. It takes real people to create that delicious goodness at Enstrom's and to get it packaged. And the reason I know that is because Enstrom's is now hiring for various positions.

For starters, they need toffee cooks. This person gets the kitchen ready each morning, prepares the toffee, following the special recipe and procedures, prepare packages, and do some cleanup.

Then, there is a need for toffee packers. This job is a lot more detailed than you might imagine.  There is the process of breaking the toffee using pre-established boxing techniques. There's quality assurance, lasering and sealing, operating and troubleshooting the wrapper machine, casing, labeling, freezing, and other various tasks.

The minimum production standard is being able to pack at least one 70 pound batch of toffee per hour. That sounds like a lot of toffee in a short amount of time, and it doesn't sound easy to me at all. Based upon the various people I have met at Enstrom's, I believe it is a special group of high-caliber people that make it happen.

I don't think I would be very good at either of these jobs, however, if they start advertising for "toffee tasters wanted" I'll be the first in line.

If you are interested in joining the team of Colorado's most popular candy maker, you are asked to apply online. I have no idea what the pay or benefits are, but I'm sure you can find out when you apply.

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