If you missed Carrie Underwood‘s turn as Maria in NBC’s production of ‘The Sound of Music Live!‘ when it originally aired on Thursday, Dec. 5, don’t fret. The network’s encore is set for tonight, Saturday, Dec. 14.With much of the country being blanketed in snow this weekend, why not huddle up on the couch and watch the three-hour spectacular, which nabbed a whopping 18 million viewers when it originally aired live, warts and all? It was easily the No. 1 primetime show of the night. If you watched it during its live run, why not do so again, since it was that entertaining? No, it’s not live and in the moment like it was the first time, but it’s still worth your while.

Tonight’s encore is set for 7:00 PM on KKCO NBC11. Settle in for a little ‘Doe, Ray, Me’ and ‘My Favorite Things’ and more!

The DVD is scheduled to be released on Dec. 17. Just in time for the holidays.

Carrie Underwood hit back at the critics of her performance, some of which were purists that didn’t like the acting. Despite those cruel comments, the production was considered a monster success for the network. The numbers don’t lie and Underwood was great, especially since it was a risky career move to do a live musical! One thing that all of those critics and media reports always failed to mention was the fact that the show was LIVE! You cannot compare it to a movie that has massive editing and retakes and camera angles.

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