Being a Colorado Rockies fan for nearly 30 years has not been easy, but we certainly have gathered plenty of great memories over the years.

The Rockies have been far from being a consistent winner since beginning play in the National League West in 1993. There have been way more losing seasons than winning seasons, but who's counting. (9 winning seasons, 5 playoff appearances, 1 World Series appearance,  zero division titles, but, again, who is counting.)

Some truly great players have worn the Rockies uniform, however, you'll find only one in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. We could have a discussion about the greatest Colorado Rockies players ever, or we could have a more subjective talk about favorite players. While there is some crossover, there is a difference and there is a lot of room to be different.

Sometimes we like a player because he is just so good and always seems to come through in the clutch. We like some players because of the enthusiasm, energy, and spirit they bring to the field every day. Some players may become fan favorites because of their quirky personality or because of their charity work in the local community.

The bottom line is this. When we talk about our favorite players, our lists are going to look very different - and that is okay. This is my list of my favorite Colorado Rockies players of all time as we take a stroll down memory lane.

10 Favorite Colorado Rockies Players of All-Time

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