Another District 51 school has closed due to illness. First, Palisade High School was closed last week and now Mt. Garfield Middle School is closed.

Last week Palisade High School was closed on part of Thursday and all of Friday due to sick students and staff. They closed the school to deep clean and disinfect it and now, they're doing the same at Mt. Garfield Middle School.

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District 51 announced on their Facebook that Mt. Garfield Middle School will close today (Nov. 18) at 1 p.m. and will also be closed tomorrow. Tuesday, Nov. 19. D51 states that students who normally take the bus will be picked up by buses and students who are normally picked up, should be picked up by parents are guardians.

The reason for the closure is sickness, yet again. Due to the fast spread and primary symptom, vomiting, Mesa County Public Health thinks that both schools have been hit with norovirus, according to D51's Facebook. According to CDC's website, norovirus is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

D51 states that student and staff health and safety are their priority and cleaning the campus/not allowing the illness to spread is the best move for everyone. Mt. Garfield Middle School is hoping to re-open on Wednesday and advises any student who is not feeling well, or was in contact with someone who has these symptoms, to stay home until their symptoms are gone.

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