Unfortunately, roadkill on Colorado roads is a part of life, but where are you most likely to encounter a deer in Colorado?

According to State Farm statistics in a report from Washington Post.com, you have a one in 263 chance of hitting a deer in Colorado. At first glance, that looks like a pretty good chance that your automobile and a deer are eventually going to collide. However, there are plenty of states where it is far more likely than in Colorado.

In West Virginia, you might as well plan to enjoy a road kill venison dinner with a one in 41 chance that you will hit one. Other states where the chances of hitting a deer are less than one in 100 are Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Montana.

State Farm
State Farm

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Arizona and California, where the chances of colliding with a deer are just one in more than 1000. Of course, of all 50 states, Hawaii is the least likely place for such an occurrence with a one in over 18,000 chance of it happening.

I have never hit a deer with my car, but I have been with someone who did. Believe me, it's not a pretty sight. Here's a look at the highest risk areas in Colorado, according to Colorado Parks & Wildlife.

  • Interstate 70 (Floyd Hill, Mt. Vernon Canyon, Eagle)
  • Highway 160 (Durango to Pagosa Springs, Durango to Mancos)
  • Highway 550 (north of Durango and from Montrose to Ouray)
  • Interstate 25 (Castle Rock to Larkspur)
  • Highway 82 (Glenwood Springs to Aspen)
  • Highway 36 (Boulder to Lyons)
  • Highway 93 (Golden to Boulder)

Let this serve as a reminder to you to be extra vigilant and on the lookout for deer alongside Western Colorado roads in the early hours of the morning and near dusk. While you would rather not hit an animal, it's far better than the potential alternative, which could have you swerving to avoid contact and ending up in far worse shape.

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